Fellow Health

Individual Care. Universal Gains !

In 2016, SharkDreams was founded in Raleigh, North Carolina with the goal of bridging the gap between patients and their providers and improving the healthcare industry through simple yet powerful technology. As we’ve continued to push our products’ abilities and refine our vision, we wanted a name for our company that was more reflective of the collaboration we hope to engender between healthcare professionals and the people they serve.
That’s why we’re rebranding our company with the name Fellow.
For us, the name Fellow implies a willingness to work together towards common goals of wellness and innovation. We are partners, associates, and colleagues with the patients and providers we work with. Our goals and vision remain the same. Our passion for premium care has only grown stronger. As always, we are striving to bring the healthcare community closer and provide wellness to the world through the power of technology. We hope you’ll join us.